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1. Don’t hold back. 

Everyone has a personal finance story that we can all learn from. Whether you are a millionaire, homeless, or living paycheque to paycheque, we want to hear from you. Even if you simply want to share money tips about travelling, shopping, food… the sky is the limit.

2. No topic is too serious, or not serious enough.

Saving money by going to a free yoga class is just as good as giving top notch investment advice. It’s all about living better and smarter.

3. Share your mistakes.

None of us are perfect. In fact, 99.9% of us have already made major mistakes in our lives. By sharing your mistakes, you are helping others avoid doing the same, or making people feel better about the fact that they are not alone. We’re all here to learn and grow together, so don’t be shy, be proud.

4. Share your successes.

In life, it’s important to constantly learn & grow, but it’s even more important to celebrate our successes! Of course, some our luckier than others. But either way, by sharing your successes to others, you are giving them hope and inspiration. Let’s celebrate these together – you deserve it!

5. Write something you would want to read about.

Don’t focus too hard on impressing people with your writing skills. All we want to hear is a story that is funny, honest, interesting, inspiring, valuable, fun… you get the point. Just have fun with it and others will too.

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