Our Weekly Top Picks – Every Monday!
OCT 16 / 2017
  1. ABC.net tells us why boards need more women to make more money.
  2. Different newspapers report about the #metoo campaign on Facebook
  3. USA Today gives advice on how to spend 1000$ the right way
  4. Forbes names reasons, why investing in female led company makes sense
OCT 9 / 2017
  1. Financial experts from Chicago Tribune reveal their current favourite money apps.
  2. Nir and Barry from Bloomberg talk about the differences between active and passive income.
  3. According to the Financial Times investors should start investing in girls.
  4. BBC argues that aggressive money advice keeps women away from investing.
OCT 2 / 2017
  1. An investment bank director and champion of non-binary gender identities talks to Financial News about coming out at a large institution.
  2. Forbes take on financial abuse: how to identify it and what you can do to help.
  3. According to The Guardian, financial incentives are stacked against mothers staying at home.
  4. Prada is sublime on the catwalk in Milan, despite it’s serious drop in net profits and concerning future.
SEPT 25 / 2017
  1. The first female-led specialist equity fund has just been launched
  2. Forbes called this startup queen ‘The Next Steve Jobs’ and her receipts will blow you away
  3. Which women in finance are dominating on Twitter? Discover the 100 most influential accounts here
  4. Hedge funds run by women outperforming those run by men, shows new data by the Independent
SEPT 18 / 2017
  1. Forbes partners with MIT‘s Solve Initiative to host Women@Forbes Under 30 event focused on closing the technology gender gap.

  2. According to this article, female hedge funds outperform those run by men by more than double!

  3. Iranian Women’s Unemployment Rate Soars from 4% to 20%. More details here.

  4. According to Forbes, Women Report More Financial Stress About Retirement Savings Than Men.
SEPT 11 / 2017
  1. Financial News London surveyed 750 women and gives the following advice for mastering career and family: reliable childcare, a supportive partner and a helping hand in the household.
  2. According to CNN Money, 57% of women have never asked for a raise, compared to only 46% for men. Why such a difference?
  3. Remember Matilda? The Telegraph goes over famous story writer Roald Dahl’s 5 best female characters – what they say and what they mean.

  4.  Jane Austen created some of the most celebrated female characters in English literature. Here are five of her gutsiest quotes, as we celebrate her face on the new £10 note.
SEPT 4 / 2017
  1. ABC.net tells us why boards need more women to make more money.
  2. Women, Money & Marriage: in general, women allow themselves to remain uneducated around the topic of money & investing especially once they put a ring on their finger.
  3. Woman shares photo of her “small” engagement ring and gets destroyed.
  4. The turnaround in unskilled labour market participation in the United States is being driven by one group: women.