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Investment #2 – Bonds

With Fashion Week around the corner, the city of New York is thinking of opening a new high-end mall to feature all of the new designers and their clothing lines. In order to build the mall, the city of New York needs to borrow money. But instead of borrowing money from the bank, it decides […]

Investment #1 – Stocks

Anna loves sports. She does Yoga on Monday and Wednesday and goes for 5k runs two times a week. Neighbours recognize Anna because of her trendy sport equipment. She prefers the latest outfits of winfit – a pink multifunctional bra which suits perfectly to her aerodynamic running shoes. When Anna meets her friends for dinner, […]

Finding Your Inner Investor

Before you join the exciting life of investing, it’s important to determine what type of investor you want to be. Just like selecting your ideal character in a video game, you need to first consider which goals you plan to achieve.   Timeline How long do you want to hold a particular investment? Are you […]

Welcome to Investing!

Let’s start with the basics. What does “investing” even mean? Investing: The act of spending money into something with the expectation of getting more money out of it. It’s that simple. Investing is about prioritizing your money, and “working smarter, not harder”. It’s a way to let your money grow in your sleep, vs. working […]