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Unsystematic Risk

Anna knows more about systematic risk of winfit, also called general market risk. However, she wants to understand both risks before buying winfits stocks. Hence, she is wondering about the meaning of winfits unsystematic risk. Unsystematic risk describes an industry or company specific risk that is part of each investment. This risk concerns a specific […]

Systematic Risk

As you know from this article, Anna loves sports. Meanwhile, she did some market research and finally decided to buy 3 stocks of winfit. Winfit is a publicly listed company which sells all kind of sports equipment. Anna’s winfit favourite is the wearable smartwatch with an heart rate tracker. If you wonder why companies are […]

Investment #7 – Call Options

Katie loves Este Lauder (EL) products and thinks that the price of EL shares will go up. Marissa currently owns EL shares, but thinks that the price will either stay the same or go down in the future. The girls talk, and decide to write up a call option. Call Option An agreement that gives […]

Investment #6 – Futures Contracts

Lily is the owner of a coffee shop. Every month, Lily buys raw coffee beans from Emma’s farm for 2$ per bag. Both girls are happy with this price, and decide to write up a futures contracts to protect themselves from price changes.   Futures Contract A contract for assets (especially commodities or shares) bought […]

Investment #5 – Real Estate

Allison just made $83,000 from a $20,000 investment. Ten years ago, she had bought an apartment as a real estate investment. Real Estate Investment Properties that generate income for a buyer and that are bought to make money, not to live in. When Allison bought the house 10 years ago, she planned to rent it […]

Submit Your Story

1. Don’t hold back.  Everyone has a personal finance story that we can all learn from. Whether you are a millionaire, homeless, or living paycheque to paycheque, we want to hear from you. Even if you simply want to share money tips about travelling, shopping, food… the sky is the limit. 2. No topic is […]

Difference Between Mutual Funds & ETFs

As seen in our previous articles, we learnt that Mutual Funds and ETFs are like very similar cousins. They are both a collective investment – a pool of money from a bunch of different investors that purchases and invests in a variety of securities. So what are the main differences between the two? Find out […]

Investment #4 – ETFs

Victoria is an environmentalist, and is really interested in the green energy sector. Because of increasing Global Warming and other research, she believes the green energy sector will grow a lot over the next decade. Victoria is interested in investing the little money she has in one of her favourite green companies. But the problem […]

Investment #3 – Mutual Funds

Every Monday night, Mila and her girl friends get together to watch the Bachelorette. Before the show starts, Mila asks her friends for investing advice. She’s new to investing and wants to start, but she doesn’t have the time to spend hours doing research on her own. Her friend Alexa suggests she checks out mutual funds. […]

The psychology of Money

This video was created by Beata Stanova, founder of Iconique – The Psychology of Everything. For more videos on the psychology of everything else, check out her page here! If you won $1M in the lottery tomorrow, what would you spend it on? Let us know below!