“The most important thing is just to start. You will never end up anywhere if you don’t start somewhere.” – J. G.

How it all began…

Eva and Danika met while studying their Masters in Vienna. The two young women from Germany and Canada realized that even with their 10+ years of business education combined, they still didn’t know much about personal investing.

After speaking to their peers, they realized that they were not alone. In fact, women especially were not that knowledgeable or interested on the matter… Why?

Looking through all of the top investing platforms, it was clear why. All of these sites were made for men, by men, and were #boring to all of us!

At this precise moment, investella was born. Ever since, Eva and Danika have made it their mission to provide women with fun, simple and relatable content, so that they too can reach their highest financial potential.

Join us as we learn about personal investing!

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